Why Join us?

The most decisive reason why you should join MUFC-K is solely because you are a “Red Fan”, this is the official fan club of Manchester United based in Kolkata and this is the place to be. 

Furthermore there are a plethora of privileges you can be a recipient of if you become a member of the fan club. The most important being you will be recognized as a legitimate fan of the Club (Manchester United) you vehemently rally for as you will be holding a Membership Card. Besides, you can be an actively participate as an audience of the screening organized by MUFC-K under the respective match fixtures and will also be entitled to a special discount which are set aside exclusively for the members.

The membership fees being Rs. 500 per annum is not much of a pocket pinch either as there are a lot of perks which along with it. A member will be the red-letter owner of assorted Club merchandise. Among the many other facilities a member is also accredited to receive a Collared T-shirt of MUFC-K which he/she can flaunt amongst their fellow Red peers. Members of the club may help in will initiating and fostering a sense of amoral brotherhood among the Man Utd fans based in Kolkata.

Lastly, the Club participation is a way to inculcate a feeling of being a part of the bigger picture, among all Manchester United fans based in Kolkata, to allow and connect with new fans every day, to help broaden each others’ horizons and be open to influx of new ideas and most significantly to come participate in the bigger platform and vouch for Manchester United.