Jimmy Murphy Trophy 2015

This time around JM Trophy gets bigger and better. Augmented by 2 teams to 8 from last year's 6, it gets intriguing as ever when all the owners have actually paid to own the team. The 8-a-side tournament is all set to explode at Tarun Dal, Kudghat on 26th April 2015, will be played throughout the day featuring 15 exciting encounters in totality.

The tournament will bear testimony to the battle of the Fergie's, them being between Fergie's Fledglings and Fergie's Hairdryers. It also showcases our veteran  icons playing against new owners/managers, such as 'The' Srinjoy Basu leading his team The Traffordites against Rick Sinha's King Cantona's Crusaders and many more such scintillating encounters.

Every team has their personalised jerseys. They will sport a color assigned to them. Basically, in a nutshell this is MUFCK's version of the Champions League. Followed by an envigorating auction, the teams cannot hold themseleves back from the endless banters, strategies and from the anticipation of who will finally pick up the reverred JM Trophy. 
If this hasn't got you excited...what will? So, what are you waiting for?

Join in to enjoy a day full of fun and quality football on display by the fans of the greatest club in the history of football, Manchester United.

The teams and owners:

Bobby's Best Law: Soumeek

Fergie's Fledglings: Sukalyan Naskar

Beck's Benders: Uday Dey

The Traffordites: Subhadip Barman

Fergie's Hairdryers: Nayantara Dasgupta & Soumya Dasgupta

King Cantona's Crusaders: Nisorga Sarkar & Arghya Brata Mandal

Red Devil's Xtreme: Abhishek Podder & Anubhav Ghosh

Stretford United: Abhik Sarkar