Why United Fans Must Show Some Character Now

I've been seeing tons and tons of negative posts about Moyes and Manchester United, flooding my twitter and fb stream, from haters and fans alike. Well, that sucks. Being 12th after 6 games does suck. People say this isn't the Man Utd they know, it seems like Fergie's team without the Fergie factor, they say that this team supposedly lacks character, lacks the flame that characterized the Fergie era, that Moyes is a mid table coach who cannot handle the glamour and glitz of a club as big as United. And that makes me smirk, because these are the same ones who said United couldn’t come back after Munich, and the again after Sir Busby retired, after Sir Alex took over and couldn't win for the first 4 years, again after Cantona retired, after Beckham left and yet again after Ronaldo quit. And every bloody time we proved them wrong. So it won't surprise me if we do that sorta comeback yet again, because that's what we are. Blaming or trolling Moyes may feed the souls of those anti-utd fans, but it dosen't irk me, nor should it irk any true utd fan at all, for that matter. Because we know that a manager is bound to take some time to acclimatise to the new conditions, especially if he is succeeding the greatest football manager of all times ,to connect with his players ,to the 24/7 press and media considerations. Moyes ain't a mediocre manager, and he WILL prove that. Granted, he has made some tactically incorrect decisions in the last few games, but what people fail to see is that our players have failed to reproduce that fighting spirit as well, except for a few of them. Besides, luck has also played a cruel trick on us, with some top players being unavailable for big games. Apart from that, footballers like Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Young and Anderson have put in dismal performances for us this season. Our game has been below par, and the Carrick we are seeing now is poles apart from the one we saw last season. As for Fellaini, you may say he has not put in as good a performance as he was expected to put in, but I believe in the lad, for one. Once he and Carrick click, our midfield woes will have finally found a solution, but that again, would take some time as well. I also expect RVP and Rooney to finally unleash their potential as well this season, so we won't have problems up front as well, and Chicha has shown that he can chip in with useful performances as well. The indolence of Nani does irritate me sometimes, but once he gets going he can turn out to be our best player. Remember 2010-11 and his sublime skills and goals? Well you better. I hate Young and Welbeck most of the times, but sometimes I do feel for them as well. Welbeck works his ass off for the team everytime he steps on the pitch, but it is his finishing which he lacks so very much and that curtails his utility so very often. As for Young, I genuinely feel for him, injuries killed his career. He was probably England's best player in the EURO 2012 Qualifiers, but then he got injured and he could never recover from that, turning in a horrible performance in the actual EURO 2012 Tournament. As for RIO, I fully believe that he should have been sold during the window to those MLS Clubs which came knocking for him, he is way past his prime, he has lost that authority he used to once held over the opponent team's strikers, and his positioning and game reading abilities have abandoned him as well.

I really want Moyes to be bold and take a few drastic steps, the first of which would be abandon the outdated 4-4-2 system which United uses, especially for the away games. I would rather prefer a more adjustable 4-2-3-1, which would see Phil Jones and Vidic in the heart of defence, with Rafael on the right side and Evra on the left. Here again, you may argue that Evra is past it as well, so we can use Fabio, if the need arises. Buttner is also an option, he was a Left Winger at Vitesse initially, but I am not exactly sure if he could be the answer. Right now I would suggest utilising Carrick and Cleverly in that 2-man defensive pivot, for Fellaini will take some time to get used to Carrick's style of play, but once he does that, then we can rely on the pillar that is Fellaini to shoulder the job of the defensive screen which would give Carrick the license to go up and create some pretty big problems for the opposing defence. Want a dose of his creative abilites? Watch the 2006-07 CL game against Roma, and you will get a very good idea of how effective Carrick is.For the 3-man midfield we could use Nani on the right wing, Kagawa as the Attacking midfielder who drops in the hole while Rooney could be employed on the Left wing, with both him and Shinji interchanging positions duing a game, which would make marking all the more difficult. We also have a Robin van Persie as the striker, and I need not remind you of how good he is there, when he is fit. Besides them, we can also use Welbeck in the wings for the League Cup games, while Janujaz and Zaha-- the two exciting prospects are yet to be unleased. If they click(and I do pray they will) United will be a major threat again, then.

I would end this article citing the way critics dismissed us after that 6-1 thumping by City in 2011, after the successive defeats to Barcelona and again after City ran away with the title in 2012.You may argue that we had Sir Alex then, but I believe there was a hell lot more character in the squad back then, and I know that once we start winning again on a regular basis, that belief will creep back into the team again. And then I guess, people would label that as the "Moyes Factor". But again, I have to point out, all this takes some time coming, and I sincerely request al my fellow Red Devils to refrain from using #moyesout after every single defeat, I actually think that the squad is coagulating after every single match, and that if the winter transfer window goes well for us, and no unnecessary injury problems trouble us, we can actually have a shot at the title again. United were always slow starters, Christmas period is the time when we pick up form really, and that may just be the case this season as well. So keep your faith and as Fergie had asked us before stepping out once and for all, "stand by your new manager".



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