David Moyes and Alex Ferguson - Why they are not the same ?

Well just after Sir Alex Ferguson had stepped down as the Manchester United manager, the first question that came into the minds of the supporters was that ' Would his successor be as good as him ?' . Well the question was not illogical as a major group of United fans have not seen the pre-Ferguson era in the club. It was not an easy thing to digest for many of us although this day was bound to come sooner or later.

As soon as David Moyes took charge of the club as decided by the maestro (Sir Alex Ferguson) himself, the only thing he could see all around was demand for success no matter how they come. But to the agony of the fans he was not up to the mark in the transfer window though his ambition for players like Cesc Fabregas made it clear that he had understood what it was to manage Manchester United.

It is only a couple of months into the season and the results show that Moyes has just been average in his venture. Losses against Manchester City and Liverpool and dull football in most of the matches was not something the supporters were expecting to see. However the majority of the fans still believe in him which is quite a correct approach since United is not a club who prefer changing managers after three bad games.

Most of the fans are comparing the early years of Sir Alex with that of David Moyes'. Well if the first few matches are being compared then definitely David Moyes scores higher than Sir Alex but there is a difference. Was Manchester United the club they are know, masked with glories and success, back in 1986 ? Did the supporters back then believed that we could be the most successful English club and one of the most successful in Europe ? Did Sir Alex take over the defending champions of England ? The answer is NO.

Yes Sir Alex owes a lot of his success to the Batch of '92. But one cannot forecast that we will get another such quality breed of players in the near future. We can get one next year on the other hand we may not get one in the next twenty years. So David Moyes' primary job is to extract the best from his own set of players may be by adding a few because we are no big money club that we will spend millions in the transfer market.

It is our culture to stand by the players and manager. Even Sir Alex took 6 years to win the EPL. But it is quite foolish to compare David Moyes with Sir Alex. People like Sir Matt Busby or Sir Alex are not born everyday. It takes years to become one. All we can do now is stand by our new manager. Comparing him with Sir Alex will only add pressure on him. Last but not the least , after the Busby Babes and the Fergie's Fledglings it will be our pleasure if we get to see another set, Moyes' magicians maybe, who the world will fear by their names..



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