Overhyping Janujaz could be a big mistake

An 18-year old coming on the pitch and turning a difficult away tie into a win, in which the team is trailing by 1-0? Doesn’t happen every day, does it? So when United fans witnessed that this Saturday, we sensed that maybe something very special was is on its way. That has been the cause of intense celebration over the past 2 days. But are we overdoing it with Janujaz? Probably.

I mean, look at it this way--- the lad has barely played a full game, he was not yet been exposed to the intense physical challenges that the PL presents to its players, and most importantly, he is ONLY 18. You might argue and say that all great players have started it early, but what must also not be forgotten that today's age is totally different---- today, thanks to the social media boom, a 20-year old footballer who is half decent will have already been promoted to the status of a demigod. We fail to see that every great player is a product of their culture, their time and their surroundings. That is exactly what is taking a toll on the younger players, so an injury here or a drinking binge there, and you are looking at a Michael Owen or a Adriano rather than a Francesco Totti or a Lionel Messi.

That is exactly what United fans should be aware of. The club has a long history of losing it's finest players due to disciplinary and off-field problems. George Best would be the best example of course. Another notable addition would be Eric Cantona, who was sent off for the scissor kick on a Palace fan (albeit most Utd fans argue that was a moment of intense passion, but I am of the opinion that it could very easily have been avoided, no matter how hot-headed or competitive he really was).Then I would point out the Hangelaand incident which was a permanent blot on an otherwise top career of Roy Keane. In recent times, the club had supposedly bought Zoran Tosic "The Next Ronaldo", but he had got nowhere near to that billing. 2 seasons back, Tom Cleverly was supposed to be the next Paul Scholes, but the youngster has yet to find his feet in the league. Under different circumstances, Man Utd have lost the "next big thing" in Pogba(who demanded a ridiculous wage, and I’m with Fergie for that one, you can't pay that kind of amount for an unproven talent), who is surprisingly doing very well at Juve. Ravel Morrison would be another name on the list, whom the club have had to sell because of his off-field antics. Keeping all these experiences in mind, one has to be certainly extremely careful when labelling Adnan as "The Next Giggs" or "The Next CR7".

Let's not forget that Fergie had already registered him in the first team last season, handing him the No. 44 jersey. He was supposed to make his debut against Arsenal at the end of last season, but that never happened. Under Moyes, however, he has collected a decent number of minutes in the pre season games, and has been highly impressive. He made his official debut against Crystal Palace, a game in which his skills and pace have caught many eyes. He had not been registered in the CL because he wanted to play the Under-19s CL this season, but his performance against Sunderland, especially under really difficult circumstances, was inspiring to say the least. His goals, combined with David de Gea’s world-class save, turned the match from a game in which Sunderland felt they had a chance, to one in which Manchester United were in total control.

The important thing for United is now to get him signed up because he only has eight months left in his contract, and with both Juventus and City desperate for him, it should be Woodward's first priority to prevent history from repeating itself.

Adnan himself must also realize that he couldn’t be at a better club for promoting young talent. David Moyes gave him his chance because he sensed the moment was right. For taking that risk, he was rewarded. Januzaj is clearly a special talent: the smoothness with which he uses the ball, the way in which he rose to the task was phenomenal. The visiting fans at the Stadium of Light know that, in this remarkable 18-year-old, they may have witnessed an extraordinary full debut and that their club’s long history of promoting youth is in safe hands. Under Mike Phelan, Man Utd have shaped up an impressive youth squad, that consists of players like Vermijl, Larnell Cole,Keane, Ekingemewa, Jesse Lingard and of course, Janujaz himself. He has had a dream start to his career, reminiscent of Rooney's debut against Fenerbache in 2004, and only time will tell if he can justify his immense potential and get anywhere near his colleague. For now, let him just enjoy his game and continue doing well for the club.



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