MUFC-K Annual Membership

So finally the wait of over...


Manchester united Fans Club Kolkata launches the much awaited RED ALLIANCE 

membership for the football season 2015-2016. After the immense response from 

the RED DEVILS of Kolkata last season, the membership for this year is due to start 

in the month of August, 2015, with Louis van Gaal kickstarting his second year 

gunning for glory.


The RED ALLIANCE membership of MUFC-K for the year 2015-2016 has been 

specially customised and has been aimed at all age groups and the myriad fans from 

the city and abroad. The membership has been divided into 3 tiers, namely 

CANTONA, BEST and CHARLTON, the three legends of Manchester United 

Football Club.


The plan CANTONA is aimed at those who have been a RED ALLIANCE member 

earlier with the club and this package acts as a continuation for the membership for 



Firstly they would get a MUFC-Kolkata ID card with their unique membership 

number, valid for this season. A large poster of their most loved Manchester United 

player (any one of their choice) and a key-ring in the shape of MUFC-Kolkata logo. 

All of these can be theirs for just Rs 300.


The package BEST would comprise the MUFC-Kolkata ID card with the membership 

number, a poster of their favourite United star, a key-ring with MUFC-Kolkata logo on 

it and an custom-made MUFC-Kolkata tee along with 1 discount coupon which would 

let him/her to attend a screening at a price that would be 10% less than the normal 

regular screening fee. The member would be allowed to spot-register at the 

screening for no extra charge. The entire package would be theirs for a price of Rs 



One of the most attractive packages is CHARLTON. It would have all the benefits 

from the package BEST but would consist of two screening coupons, a customised 

mug with the member’s name on it and a unique Manchester United Flag, which 

have been imported from abroad. This pack would cost a sum of RS 1000 to each of 

the members.


 Interested people can send their contacts to mufckmembership@gmail.com with 

the subject specifically written as “membership form-‘the package 

CANTONA/BEST/CHARLTON/GIGGS’” and we would contact them as soon as 


The management of MUFC-Kolkata wishes that the different RED ALLIANCE 

membership schemes of the club this season would suit all of its valuable members 

and hereby wishes Manchester United- a memorable and a grand season 2015-

2016 under the leadership of Louis Vaan Gaal.

WELCOME TO THE #gaalera2.0

Glory Glory Man United.....