The Club

Riveted in the eventide hour of 11:57pm on the 17th of July, 2011 by a few football fanatics emerged The Manchester United Fan Club of Kolkata. These Red Rants had 3 words spouting from their think tanks. Kolkata. Football. United. All they found themselves with was immense hope, unflinching faith, steadfast conviction and one binding force, the undying dedication for Kolkata, appetite for Football and above all love for their club Manchester United. It has been a gradual journey from there onwards from a handful of apprehensive to now an ever-growing prodigious 2500+ delirious United fans. MUFC-K can now rightfully be called a repository, a community, of United fans based in Kolkata. Its primary intent is to bring these hundreds of enthusiastic fans under the same roof by the dint of organizing screenings based on the Manchester United fixtures. MUFC-K tenaciously aims at conforming the soaring Red Flag in Kolkata. Also to conglomerate the rabid mob of Man United enthusiasts in Kolkata, and to usher them to synergize their opinions on the various matches, transfer event, achievements etc. Most importantly, to inculcate within the fans in Kolkata a sense of homogeneousness and the invigorating feeling of being one step closer to the ultimate destination for all Man United fans, Old Trafford, together, United. So, this Manchester United fan club in the City of Joy (Kolkata) took this silent vow to pronounce to its city, its club and essentially its fans a platform from where they can stand tall with their heads held high to support their club and sing in unison

""We loved you then. We Love you now. The Red Flag will always fly. For Man United will never die.".."